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The finance wise portal offers a range of services that makes a Limited Authorised Representative’s (LARs) job simple, effective and efficient. Here are some of the many benefits of using the finance wise portal for SMSF advice:

  • Cloud-based and accessible anywhere around the world
  • Automates ASIC requirements and covers the seven safe harbour steps (FSG, Needs Analysis, Risk Profile, Anti Money Laundering Provisions and File Notes which are then migrated into the SMSF template in order to produce the SoA)
  • Automated email delivery system to ensure the client never misses their FSG, making the advisor’s job easy and efficient
  • The fail safe provision built into the cloud-based portal minimises potential breaches
  • All the information within the portal is automatically populated to the SoA and FSG, saving you hours of work
  • Allows you to add multiple members into the SMSF application and link it to the SoA
  • The more SMSF’s the firm produces, the cheaper the software becomes
  • Non-FWGS authorised representatives or licensee’s will incur an additional cost.  The additional cost covers the creation of an advisor profile and access to the unique ASIC documents

Call us today at 08 8299 9707 or email as us [email protected].  We can show you how the unique  finance wise portal can streamline your SMSF advice and ensure you are ASIC compliant.

Alternately, register your interest and we will call you at a time convenient to you.




Click here to receive a free E-Book which demonstrates how the finance wise portal meets ASIC advice requirements and satisfies the seven safe harbour steps.