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The Documents Part 1 – Introduction

After the accounting exemption expires on 1 July 2016 accountants will be required to complete certain documents at specific times. Some documents are merely for information and other documents require clients to sign them.

It can be very confusing to get your head around who does what and when in the advice continuum.  To help simplify the process, finance wise are currently producing a number of videos to assist with the transition.

In the next series of articles we highlight what documents are required, what information the documents contain and when the documents need to be provided.

The documents are:

  1. Financial Services Guide (FSG)
  2. Needs Analysis
  3. Anti-Money Laundering
  4. Risk Profile
  5. Statement of Advice (SoA)
  6. Education Guides

Read the next article for more information about the Financial Services Guide (FSG).

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