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What happens at 9am on 1st July 2016 when a client seeks your advice on SMSF’s? (RG146 Part I)

Are you ready for 1 July 2016?

The best way to answer this question is to reflect on my own experience.  I recall a sense of dread bordering on panic. When face-to-face with a client the (mainly irrelevant) DFP 1 or DFP 2 means nothing. My accounting degree and marketing degree didn’t offer much help either. There will be aspects of the advice process that will be innocently and unintentionally neglected simply because most training programs do not map out what is required and when.

I have worked in financial services for nearly three decades and operated a license since 2011.  Based on my experience, my observation is that accountants have been underwhelmed with advice and support from their peak bodies concerning the accountants’ exemption expiry.

An AFS Licensee has direct client liability. This isn’t breaking news and represents the main reason an accounting firm would be reluctant to operate their own license. Financial advisers are being sued most days in the working week. Operating my own license means I absolutely cannot allow non-compliance.

How will you and your practice comply on 1 July 2016?

To be continued …

Please look out for tomorrow’s news feed about SMSF advice from 1 July 2016.

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