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Happy RG146 certified accountants

Recent Testimonials from RG146 Course Participants

“Outstanding course! Far exceeded my expectations in what outcome I expected. Now in a far better position to make a decision before 01/July/2016. James manner and interaction with the whole group enabled a topic that can be intense and complicated to be easy to understand…and even enjoyable !! Thanks.”
Richard A, Allen and Co Accountants

“Really pleased with the Finance Wise process so far. Looking forward to using their software to keep us compliant and automate a lot of low-value tasks!”
Ben W, Inspire CA

“A great course over the last two days. FWGS was a life saver for our business!”
Todd B, WVB Chartered Accountants

“Finance Wise has developed an excellent, streamlined solution to achieving the RG146 qualification.  The course is educational as well as being (uniquely) enjoyable.  A great solution for accountants in the SMSF space.”
Sam M, Opus

“James was a great presenter, who kept us engaged all the time and presented the information in a practicable and enjoyable manner. I would highly recommend his courses to others.”
Thomas P, Perks Accounting

“James ran the course in a practical and entertaining way. He related well to all participants and kept interest levels high throughout.”
Mark R, Perks Accounting

“The course has been great and very informative. James has been a great presenter and has made sure that we were able to understand the course content. I feel a lot more confident after attending this course about my duties and what I’m able to advice clients on.”
Kirsty R, Hood Sweeney

“This course is a fantastic solution for accountants wanting to meet their RG146 requirements in readiness for the removal of the accountant’s exemption on 1 July 2016. The course is conducted face to face and allows great interaction with the facilitators. It can be completed within 2 days, which is a significant advantage over other distance learning courses available.”
Ashley F, Peter Hayes & Associates

“James was extremely knowlegable & helpful. He covered all relevant topics well & I can gladly say I took a lot out of his training.
Richard, H, R C R Partners

“Well Structured, well presented and simply practical advice. Their course was designed with the end user in mind-grateful I found Finance wise.”
Paul T, T and M Chartered Accountants

“Best course ever! Thanks for making a relatively boring topic interesting.”
Louisa A, Hood Sweeney

“James is a passionate, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. I recommend the course to any accountants who are looking for a provider to assist them in gaining their RG146 certification”
Tony V, WVB Chartered Accountants

“Well done James. Great course. I learnt a lot of useful SMSF strategies. It was fun and became aware of the major changes that we need to make from 1 July 2016. ”
Alistair M, Penna Michael

“I was torn between doing the on-line course and the Finance Wise 2 day workshop. Glad I made the right decision. Very enjoyable in a relaxing environment with a bunch of professionals.”
Trevor V, Vlassis Co

“Thank you to James and the team for providing such a fun & interactive training course. Great atmosphere for learning. Would highly recommend James and the team for RG146 training. He has a vast knowledge of the industry and understands what accountants need and want.”
Megan R, Flinders Accountants

“James made this difficult and dry topic very interesting with many practical examples. The two days covered a lot of knowledge areas in a fun and interesting way.”
Stephen G, MGR Accountants

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the intensive 2 day course conducted by James from Finance Wise, particularly the interaction between attendees and instructor and the wise knowledge deployed by James and the informative manner of instruction.”
Rob E, R. Y. Ellerman & Co.

“James was great and made the course relevant and helpful for my everyday work. The training day went quickly and I liked the collaborative approach. The facilities and catering were greate as well – Thank you.”
Yolanda H, Hood Sweeney

“The course was well delivered with the presenter pitching the presentation at a level that was spot on with the prior knowledge of the participants.”
Matthew P, Perks Accounting

“James was a great host for the 2 days of learning about all things SMSF. James brought decades of experience in Finance, Accounting and super to improve the attendees knowledge and help everyone become RG146 compliant.”
Craig S, Hood Sweeney

“James made the course thoroughly enjoyable and informative. He is a great presenter and made the experience all the worthwhile. Anyone considering completing their Specialist SMSF (RG146) course should contact Finance Wise.”
Sean W, Mackenzie Strategic Accountants

“Thank you to James and the Finance Wise team for making the SMSF (RG146) course informative and educational. James is an excellent presenter and has a vast knowledge of the industry. I would highly recommend to anyone considering completing their specialists SMSF (RG146) course should contact Finance Wise”
Todd S, TSA Accountants and Business Advisors

“James took us through all the aspects in a logical and practical manner. He really knew how it all worked and how we could apply it to a real life situation. Well done!”
Damon H, Perks Accounting

“This course is well paced and well presented.  The materials are spot on for accountants already working in SMSFs and seeking to broaden their knowledge (and get the RG146!).  Accountants will enjoy this course.”
Alex R, Sothertons

“James was an excellent presenter and made all topics interesting and informative. I would recommend the course to anybody wanting to get their RG146 certificate quickly and efficiently! Many thanks and all the best. Cheers!”
James J, Mackenzie Strategic Accountants

“A real valuable and practical course that will prepare us for any new requirements. I would recommend it to others. James was a great facilitator that assisted in my learning over the past two days. Great work to all involved. ”
Matthew B, Hood Sweeney

“A huge thank you to James, Michael & Alison for delivering a useful and practical solution to RG146.  A beneficial and enjoyable two days!”
Nikki C, Cunningham & Harvey

“Presented topic with enthusiasm. Wonderful amount of knowledge in industry which made it easy to relate to. Able to interact with everybody. Has a wonderful sense of humour.”
Soto S, Hood Sweeney

“For the past two days, we were presented with an intensive, but enjoyable, training in order to obtain our RG146 certification.  The content was relevant to the work we do and both a refresher and an update.  The material certainly assisted in providing clarity on the minefield which ASIC has presented to us with a vague set of requirements!  James was an involving presenter, as was Michael.  Well done guys.”
Ravi R, Sothertons

“Thank you James.  I truly recommend this course.  Before meeting you I was under the impression we had to do extensive study and exams to obtain our RG146 qualification.  Now, after two days intense training, we are fully compliant.”
Craig R, Gardiner Hall

“I really enjoyed the pace of the learning and the information contained within the course. Some really good practical examples and some great discussion amongst the group. Has opened my eyes up to the complexities our industry is going to face into the future. Thanks!”
Josh W, SJN Chartered Accountants

“Thankyou for the very enjoyable training days! They were very informative and highlighted many issues we need to consider before the ‘new world order’ of limited licensing commences.”
Christine V, Peter Hayes & Associates

“The course was well paced, James presented extremely well for such a complicated area. Course material and online program very easy to use and along with the venue made it an enjoyable experience as well. Definitely recommend.”
Mark H, Flinders Accountants

“Thank you to finance wise for making the specialist SMSF (RG146) course simple, clear and cost effective!  James and Michael were very helpful and made the two days very enjoyable and informative.”
John B, Inventure Partners

“To be honest I was quite concerned at how the course would go! But it was actually extremely well done and the 2 days were excellent and very enjoyable. The group was also a very good group and the 2 days were excellent.”
Brian P, Penna Michael

“Had a great time working with James and Michael.  Both very good presenters who made the course enjoyable and very informative.  Will definitely recommend them for all accountants looking to complete their RG146 qualification.”
Josh D, Inventure Partners

“Excellent presentation and support from the fwgs team.  Technical presentation was very useful and relevant to the subject.”
Pedro V, Compass Group

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was well presented by knowledgeable presenters. The information gained was very useful. Well done. Thankyou.”
Peter H, Peter Hayes & Associates

“James was a fantastic presenter and was very clear in delivery! Helped make everything make sense 10 out of 10.”
Merridy B, Hood Sweeney

“I would recommend the course to anyone, well thought out, brilliantly delivered in a fun and informative manner 10/10”
Cory P, Hood Sweeney

“I really enjoyed the RG146 course. James has a way of making the course interesting and interactive.”
Marcus S, Hood Sweeney

“The course was very informative and entertaining. The content which was covered was relevant and provided a good basis for our requirements going forward.”
Mitchell N, SJN Chartered Accountants

“Excellent, informative, educational course. Would recommend it to any accountant wanting to satisfy RG146 requirements.”
Joe F, CPA

“Thankyou, James and Michael, for presenting a practical and informative RG146 course. I can now access my options on embarking on the next phase of being compliant with the 1 July 2016 requirements for SMSF advice.”
Thomas Z, CPA

“The format of the course was relaxed while informative which allowed for ease of learning. I advise using James and Finance Wise for the RG146 course for any future Students.”
Scott F, Flinders Accountants

“Fantastic trainer. Content was great, easy to understand and well delivered considering the amount.”
Matthew C, RCR Partners

“Found the course very informative and presented in a very clear & precise manner.”
Dianne M, JPG Accountancy

“An extremely informative, well prepared and well pressured course. Covering all aspects of the RG146 SMSF adviser requirements.”
Anthony M, Magri Group

“The course was great way of doing the FSRG146 certificate particularly the discussion component and real life examples.”
Priya C, Hood Sweeney

“Best delivery of a course.  Was most enjoyable and relevant to every day working life.”
David Sullivan, Galpins

 “Fantastic course option. Fantastic realistic presenter who understands the trials and tribulations of accounting practices. Very broad grin/smile from start to finish.”
Peter M, MGR Accountants

“Thoroughly enjoyed he course which was very informative and covered all the relevant topics. Notes were easy to follow. Would definitely recommend to get in and do it.”
Simon D, Terry Dickson & Associates

“This course made it very easy to pass the requirements of RG146 and saved us a lot of time as a firm.”
Lisa H, Hood Sweeney

“Great course, covered lots in two days but very insightful and comprehensive. Highly recommend the course for those who don’t want the red tape.”
Alessio R, RCR Partners

“James has enabled me to meet my training requirements in a stress-free intense environment. It has been a wonderful experience, one which I would recommend highly to anyone. Thanks James and team.”
Katrina H, Cheryl Cook & Associates

“It was a great course, practical and enjoyable. It has prepared fully for the changes from 1 July 2016.”
George O, Flinders Accountants

“The course was aimed at the right level. Thanks for making the content interesting and easy to comprehend.”
Tarryn T, Hood Sweeney

“It was a pleasure to attend the course. It was fun and professional.”
Katerina T, Hamilton Gordon

“Great informative and interactive session.”
Scott Y, Hood Sweeney

“I have really enjoyed the course. It was informative and fun.”
Laurence G, CPA

“Excellent course that way very practical & explained the future role of accountants. ”
Eddie T, Hood Sweeney

“Thanks for making training an enjoyable experience. Very informative.”
Karen C, SumTotal Accounting & Business

“Very well presented, clear and concise. It was important to engage all participants during the intense two days, which was achieved. Thank you to the team at Finance Wise.”
Daniel R, Hood Sweeney

“James is a great presenter. The course was well organised and easy to follow. Very comprehensive. Well Done!”
Pat H, Perks Accounting

“Two day session by James & Michael provided both general overview and in-depth training in a relaxed manner, whilst delivering the relevant material.”
Phillip K, Ford McCarthy

“Made the training fun, but informative at the same time.  Thanks very much James.”
Peter R, Hood Sweeney

“I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed two days of (at times) intense work and emerge with what was a major problem solved – without the angst anticipated.”
Mark C, Gardiner Hall

“I really enjoyed the course and found it to be presented in a very understandable and comprehensive way. Thank You to James.”
Dimitri S, Quantum Accounting

“James is a great presenter and made a relatively dry topic almost enjoyable.”
Adam W, Hood Sweeney

“Your training has brought me back confidence in dealing with superannuation problems which I wanted to stay away from previously.”
Kenneth C, Chartered Accountant

“Thanks for an entertaining and informative 2 days which has been easy to absorb and provided a valuable extension to my knowledge base.”
Gavin W, G.F Accountants

“Thanks James, Michael, and Alison for providing a simple RG146 pathway. Cheers.”
David E, Sothertons

“A well-structured and presented course. Thank You Finance Wise.”
Michael C, Flinders Accountants

“James kept the 2 days informative and interesting. Enjoyable experience considering the topic. :)”
Heang L, Hood Sweeney

“Thank you for taking us through the course. It was a pleasant experience.”
Svetlana B, Argyle Superannuation

“Great two days! Lots of fun and very useful. Gain lots of new knowledge and understanding. Great work and Thanks. ”
Oliver R, Hood Sweeney

“Great interaction and very informative.”
Andrew J, Hood Sweeney

“Time effective, cost effective and well presented. A great two days of training.”
Aaron C, Galpins Accountants

“Had a great time and learned heaps while having fun.”
David C, Galpins Accountants

“The course was easy to follow and engaging. Great result receiving certificate at the end.”
Helen H, Hood Sweeney

“Attaining qualifications has never been so straight forward.”
Michael D, Accounting Buddy

“The course was enjoyable, practical and kept my attention for both days. Well presented and very fluid (even Red).”
Andy S, A.P Saunders

“I love the course and discussion. Would recommend to anyone to do this course. Save a lot of headache and heartbreak.”
David F, Tilley Business Accountants

“Great program. Has made my life easy. Big Recommendation for anybody to do. All the very best for Finance wise. ”
Joe M, GM Tax and Accounting services

“James make this topic both interesting and informative. He was an excellent presenter who was extremely well versed in the topics presented.”
Vin C, Young Martin and Associates

“The course was enlightening. Presentation manner was relaxed and made learning easier. Thanks for help and direction.”
Stephen S, Stephen K Shirley

“Really well organised and run course by James and the guys. Informative, easy to follow and concise. Highly recommended!!”
David P, Paramount Super Fund Audits

“James, great session, very detailed and informative. I would recomend your offerings to my collegues”
Harry T, Quantum Accounting

“Great course very thorough hits all the salient points in concise easy to follow training environment.”
Gaylene S, Hood Sweeney